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Shonky builders,  dodgy builders and surveyors,  bad builders you are always going to have some!  What is killing Victoria is we have so many, it is almost an epidemic. You just have to look at the daily law list at VCAT to see size of the problem.

Data extracted from the Consumer Affairs Report for 2010 shows the cost to the Victorian community for that year, 38% of the total is attributable to the building sector which equates to $2.8 billion. The Building Compliance Reform Association (BCRA) cannot get rid of all the shonky builders but we can call for tougher and more thorough compliance to the Building Act, the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards. In fact we must demand it.

We have all the codes and standards needed, the community now demands government enforce their legislation through the statutory & regulatory bodies that administer the legislation. We need guts and determination. These rogue builders and surveyors need to be culled and the standards and building codes must be enforced for the safety of the communities who pay for and use their services. This is not rocket science. The BCRA is lobbying hard and long to get governments, politicians and the politician’s bureaucrats to ACT!

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Currently in Victoria 256,000 people are affected by building problems with either new home constructions or renovations.

Consumers have NO protection against poor or dodgy builders and rogue tradesmen.

All of these unfortunate people did all the right things and believed that the 'system' would save them, it hasn't!

BCRA want to change this 'system' and plan to inform, advise, advocate and educate.

If you have a story or know of someone also suffering from shonky building please let us know so we can help.



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