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" Worth$1.2 Million?"

"Lana's builder abandoned their build after pocketing $1.2 Million, leaving it open to the elements and causing irrepairable damage."

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" No governmenthelp!"

"Lana has refused to end a vigil outside Planning Minister Matthew Guy's suburban electorate office as she begs him to intervene in a nightmare building dispute over a half-finished house."

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" Our Dreamhouse?"

"Built by a Master builder, Owned by a Civil Engineer, Approved by a Registered Surveyor, only 3 years old. Should be fine right?"

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" 850,000dollars"

"We had five footings excavated - All failed! And no stormwater discharge! How did this property get a Certificate of Occupancy?"

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" No agidrain"

"Two thousand litres of water is underneath the bottom level! Some of the beams are not even connected!"

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Currently in Victoria 256,000 people are affected by building problems with either new home constructions or renovations.

Consumers have NO protection against poor or dodgy builders and rogue tradesmen.

All of these unfortunate people did all the right things and believed that the 'system' would save them, it hasn't!

BCRA want to change this 'system' and plan to inform, advise, advocate and educate.

If you have a story or know of someone also suffering from shonky building please let us know so we can help.



It is about the Future.

The Building Compliance Reform Association's objective is to participate in the proposed government reform of the current  'Consumer Protection Framework' for prospective owners who will build or renovate in the future.

We will strive to assist in the development  of processes and platforms that will provide effective and just outcomes for all building consumers. Through the website we aim to educate and inform future consumers whilst providing a forum for owners to share their building experiences.

As part of the reform process we will be conducting research, making submissions and meeting with government, other associations and the wider building and building compliance industry in general.

We the BCRA are about compliance and participation and getting it right for the future.

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